Welcome to Los Angeles

A Photo Blog by Chris Camargo

Between Broadway Bar, Clifton’s Cafeteria and a sprinkling of once historic, now dilapidated movie houses that have long-since been shuttered or converted into poorly lit clothing stores selling cheap jewelry or socks from south of the border, Downtown’s Broadway corridor is still suffering the effects of years of urban neglect. Fifteen to twenty percent of ground floor retail space on Broadway remains vacant, leaving pedestrians to wonder why they should bother with Broadway at all.

The City Council is working hard to revitalize this forgotten (but not lost) sector of the Historic Core. Two and a half years ago, Councilmember Josè Huizar, along with several other city leaders, residents and business owners started the revitalization effort, dubbed “Bringing Back Broadway.”

The 10-year effort, which focuses on the stretch of Broadway between 2nd St. and Olympic Blvd., has ambitious plans for the corridor, including reopening Broadway’s many theaters, reactivating over one million square feet of commercial space, and (if the support can be gathered) bringing back the Los Angeles Streetcar.