Welcome to Los Angeles

A Photo Blog by Chris Camargo

After World War I, Bunker Hill was beginning to lose its luster as an exclusive residential area. Originally adorned with multi-story Victorian homes in the late-1800s, the area was losing its wealthier residents to newly constructed neighborhoods in Pasadena and LA’s west-side. The Downtown area fell into a deep slump in the mid-1900s.

In 1955, the Bunker Hill Redevelopment Project began (the first redevelopment project in LA), clearing old homes that had since turned into flophouses in order to make way for modern commercial developments. After the City of Los Angeles lifted a long-standing 150 foot height restriction on new construction projects, the area began to flourish. At the end of the century, less than 50 years later, Bunker Hill is home to some of the most prominent skyscrapers on the West Coast, including the 73-story Library Tower; currently the tallest building in the US, west of the Mississippi River.